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Debt Consolidation Calculator
Current Debts

For credit cards, select "Enter Payment" to input a monthly payment amount, or select "Minimum Payment" and the monthly amount will be calculated based on the minimum percentage of the balance you choose.

BalanceInterest RateMonthly PaymentMinimum Pct.
Credit Card 1$
Credit Card 2$
Credit Card 3$
New loan

*Applies only to a home equity loan.

Consolidating your debts into a single loan may decrease your monthly payments or shorten the time it takes you to pay off your debts. The consolidation loan is often either a personal loan or a loan secured by the equity in your home, such as a home equity loan or an equity line of credit.

Debt Consolidation Chart
These charts illustrate and compare the cumulative interest and principal payments of your current debts to the new loan.

Your monthly payment under the new loan is $449 compared to current monthly payments of $544.

If your current debt payments continue, you will pay about $9,708 in interest. The cumulative interest you will pay with your new loan is $2,260.

Since your new loan is a home equity loan, your potential tax savings is $565 subject to IRS phaseouts and AMT exclusions.
Based on the payments entered, the last of the current debts is paid off in 284 months. The new loan is paid off in 60 months.


  • Certain current debts may be paid off before others based upon each debt's respective principal balance, interest rate and monthly payments. The chart reflects changes in the total balance of the current debt as each individual debt is paid off.
  • New consolidated loan payments remain constant over the life of the loan, although each subsequent payment consists of more principal and less interest.
  • Credit Card balances reflect a minimum payment of no less than $15.
  • All examples are hypothetical and are for illustrative purposes only. You should seek advice from a qualified financial professional regarding your personal finances.
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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck.